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27 June 2008 @ 07:16 pm
Update - Noth to appear in two S.8 "CI" episodes  
No other outlet but "Playbill" has reported this yet (I don't think, anyway). But apparently Chris Noth is going to appear in two Season 8 episodes of Criminal Intent. Full text of the article can be found HERE.

...which means that it's even more unclear how Logan will exit the show.

I shared my thoughts with neojess earlier and I thought I'd put them here as well. Maybe if we get enough talk out there on the Internet that killing Logan would be A BAD, TERRIBLE IDEA that would make me cry and probably never watch CI again, they won't go that route, if they were indeed thinking of doing so.

First, I get why Noth wants to leave. His "movie career" ambitions aside, he has been playing the character, officially, for twenty years -- the original L&O actually started filming sometime in 1988, even though they weren't picked up till 1990. That's a LONG time.

As far as killing Logan off -- not just because I'm a sentimental crybaby and I love the character, but I think that would be a tremendously bad idea. When Noth joined CI, he definitely brought a fanbase with him. There are Logan fans who won't watch after he leaves, no matter what, but there are also Logan fans who will continue watching, or who will be torn between watching and not. If they kill him off, you can guarantee that will seal the "not watching" deal for many of them.

I really hope they give him an exit like Lennie got -- respectful and quiet, not a lot of drama. With the way the character has been getting all contemplative about his "second act" and has been getting a little softer -- that is, crimes have been affecting him, emotionally, in ways they haven't since Logan's first seasons -- it seems like retirement-as-a-sendoff would be the way to go. If it's true and they are featuring him in two Season 8 episodes, it seems like the first one would be maybe something happens that really jars him and pushes him over the edge as far as his career and staying on the force and the second episode would be the "goodbye" episode where he could do his thing one more time and be off.

Whatever bad blood there may be or may have been in the past between Noth and Wolf or Noth and whoever at L&O, both sides seemed fairly respectful of each other this time out, with Noth saying he will miss working with everyone and Wolf saying they wish him the best and calling him, as I said, "one of the most popular detectives in TV history". I think killing the character off would be disrespectful in that, whatever Noth may have said or did over the years, Logan was the original Law & Order cop. Without him, there wouldn't have been all the rest. The whole L&O empire was built off of the original concept that he helped create.
(Anonymous) on June 28th, 2008 06:24 am (UTC)
Oh god they are probably going to kill him or maim him horribly - 2 episodes - woo hoo a slow and painful demise - I agree we must get the word out that if they kill Logan - we will hunt them down with pitchforks and weep until they can't stand it!! Seriously - we should let them know that the fan backlash could be scary.
this is the sound of dreams come true.midtownangel on June 28th, 2008 06:12 pm (UTC)
I agree that killing Logan off would be a bad idea. I'd have to stick to the CI s5-7 reruns if they did that, if I stuck w/CI at all.

Also agree on the idea that they should give him an exit like Lennie. Somehow I don't think an exit with a lot of drama would settle right, but that's just me.

Glad to hear that we might still get to see him in two eps of season 8, though. At least there's *some* good news for us. :D